BeOut Q Sports Biss Key 08.12.2017

BeOut Q Sports Badr 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 @ 26°E
Date : 08.12.2017
Frequency : 12207 V 27500
Frequency : 11919 H 27500
Biss Cw : 4D 19 C7 2F 2A 2F 1C FC
Constant CW : 4D 19 C7 2F 2A 2F 1C FC 4D 19 C7 2F 2A 2F 1C FC

11919 H 27500
Biss : 25 9C 2C 82 B8 E4 2B 54
CW : 25 9C 2C 82 B8 E4 2B 54

6954-audio 5790-vid_pid Q1
3791-audio 5125-vid_pid Q2
2014-audio 6705-vid_pid Q3
6618-audio 2802-vid_pid Q4
3934-audio 2312-vid_pid Q5
5357-audio 2789-vid_pid Q6
7053-audio 5457-vid_pid Q7
5602-audio 2421-vid_pid Q8
4165-audio 5588-vid_pid Q9
7901-audio 4801-vid_pid Q10

HEVC 265
StarMax A150
StarMax A50
StarMax STM 60 Alfa
StarMax STM 160 Alfa
StarSat SR-2025 HD/HEVC
StarSat SR-2300 HD/HEVC
Geant OTT500/OTT600/950
Geant 2500HD Hybird
iCone Android Box S2
iCone Vogue
GI Spark 2 Como
iBox Diamond 3
iBox Ghost

iStar Android 4K
FOREVER HD Android (HEVC/H.265)
Condor Imago M710 HD/HEVC
Condor CDN-A620HD
GigaBlue UHD UE 4K
Pinacle Cool H.265
Wetek Play 2
Digiclass MA-1116 MINI HD(HEVC/H.265)
Dream Box 900 4K
Icone i3030 ip +

X-Cruiser XDSR485HD Android 4k
Strong SRT 2400 Hybrid UHD
Octagon SF4008 Triple 4K
Vimastec Full HD – H.265
sat illimité 200HD Hyper 4K H.265
Revolution Sifaw100 Mini
Tiger K9+
Vision clever 4 H265
MediaStar MS-10000 Ferrari 4k
echolink open vu7meni
echolink open vu7
echolink open vu9

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